Until now, I never...
Had a Family Meeting

family meeting

I have been wanting to have a family meeting for a long time.  I want us all to be on the same page with what’s going on, meals, chores, etc.  I thought the dinner table would be the place where we discuss these things, but we don’t.  Usually we just eat and act goofy. But after setting up our cozi calendar, I have a color coded calendar that gets emailed to family members and prints our beautifully, meals planned for the week, a shopping list, several to-do lists, including a chore list.

So for this first meeting we went over the calender so everyone knows what’s going on for the week.  Then we talked about meals so everyone can help chose what we have and not say “Ew!” when dinner is served, or “I don’t want that for lunch!” and I updated the shopping list.  Next we assigned chores.  Just simple ones:  Set the table.  Clear the table.  Take out the recycle and garbage.  Help empty the dishwasher.  And finally, we talked about manners:  Table manners, and looking people in the eye when they talk to you.  Saying please and thank you, hello and goodbye.

I think it was a good meeting, and will hopefully be our new Sunday night ritual.