Until now, I never...
Had a Sleepover on a School Night


My kids are crazy for sleepovers – either at our house or at a friend’s house.  I would normally never condone a mid-week sleepover, but our friends were in a bind (mom out of town and dad working late) so I said we’d love to have their son stay overnight our house, and we’d bring him to school with us tomorrow morning.  Miles was beyond excited.

To add to the excitement of the evening, the weather was incredible.  It was the first really nice day or the Spring, with temperatures in the 80s during the day, and 70s at night.  So I told the boys they could forgo their homework, and just play outside until bed-time.  They had the best time, and finally hit the sack around 10pm.  Much too late for a school night, but not too bad for a sleepover!