Until now, I never...
Had Our Car Broken Into


We’re leaving on a roadtrip in three days, so this morning Todd and I planned to take our car to the mechanic to get an oil change and to have it looked over before we drive it 2000 miles.  I got in my green Subaru and he got in his beige Subaru, and we took off.  Well, actually, I took off.  In a matter of minutes Todd called me and asked, “Did you lock all of the doors to my car last night?”  I said yes, of course!  But apparently I didn’t hold the handle up when I closed the driver side door, which means the doors didn’t lock.  Oops.  And apparently last night someone had broken into his car, rummaged through it, and tried to steal it.  Only they didn’t steal it, they just shoved a screw driver into the ignition and totally messed it up and now Todd couldn’t get the key into it.  Good grief.

So I turned around and we made a plan.  Todd called AAA and his insurance company, and at 1pm a trow truck showed up and hauled the car to the mechanic.  Hopefully he will be able to fix it in time for a trip.  In case that they can’t, I’ve made a rental car reservation, and I know Nadine is secretly hoping that we can take a nice new rental car on our trip instead of our old Subaru.  But I sure hope ‘Old Greg’ (what we call the car) is back in ship shape in time, and that it doesn’t cost too much.