Until now, I never...
Had the Kids Sell Their Stuff at a Garage Sale


We had a particularly lazy Saturday morning today, which then turned into the kids asking “What are we going to do today?” and them not liking any of our suggestions.  But I’ve been on a cleaning and purging binge and so I said, “Why don’t you gather up some of your stuff and we’ll go sell it at Kim’s garage sale today?”  “You can keep the money,” I added.  They love money these days, and so they jumped on this opportunity.

They both got out paper bags and started to fill them.  Miles has a room overflowing with toys and weird stuff collected over time from birthday party goody bags and school market days, so filling up his bag came easily.  Nadine, on the other hand, is a minimalist.  Her room is tidy and sparse, and the minute she isn’t interested in something, she wants to get rid of it.  So she had some trouble filling her bag.  Although she eventually managed to find a couple items of clothing and some books that she would sell.

Finally we made it over to the garage sale, spread out a blanket, and the kids arranged their wares.  Almost immediately after they’d gotten set up, they came up to me and asked, “Can we walk over to the high school and play on the field?”  “You won’t sell any stuff that way,” I said.  “But you can sell our stuff,” they reasoned.  “Are you kidding me????” was my immediate response.  And so they hung around and watched people walk right by their stuff, never buying a thing.  Finally they said they didn’t care if they sold their stuff or not and went over to the high school.

Nadine never sold anything, but she only had about four items for sale.  Miles sold a few things, and with his four or so dollars, he headed straight to the candy store to buy ice cream and candy.