Until now, I never...
Helped the Girls Sell Lemonde at Greenlake


One of Nadine’s BFFs is spending the week with us this week instead of going to camp, and so far every single day Nadine and her friend have been whipping something up in the kitchen:  brownies, taco salad, cookies, caprese salad, and soufflé so far.  Today they said they wanted to have a lemonade stand and sell rice krispy treats and lemonade.  I said “Okay, but you’re not going to get a lot of customers on our street in the middle of a weekday.”  So we decided to set up shop at Greenlake so they could sell their stuff and then go swimming.  I was a little worried that this might be illegal, but decided to go for it anyway, and the girls got busy making their treats and lemonade.  They even made some strawberry purée so they could offer strawberry lemonade.  Then they made signs, and got some napkins and cups together, while I got out the cooler and found a table they could use.  Then we loaded it all into the car and headed out.

Turns out Greenlake is an awesome place to set up a lemonade stand.  We set up next to the path, and although most joggers and walkers didn’t stop for a rice krispy treat (go figure), their customers ended up being families that were either heading to or from the beach.  I couldn’t believe how quickly they sold out, and in less than an hour they had made $18.  $9 each!  They were very excited.

How could you resist buying treats for these cuties?

Lemonade stand