Until now, I never...
Hiked Up Tiger Mountain (With 12 Kids!)


Today was early dismissal and the kids got out at 1pm, so some other moms and I decided we’d kick off the awesome summer weather with a hike up Tiger Mountain.  Hiking up Tiger Mountain is a very popular activity in Seattle, but I’d never done it.

We all met at the playground, got all twelve kids into three cars, and in 1/2 an hour we were at the trail head.  We went over the hiking rules (stay on the trail, stay within voice distance, always wait at a fork in the trail) and started our hike.  It was a lovely lush trail that got pretty steep, and that’s when things got interesting.  That’s when the kids got divided into two camps:  The camp that was absolutely going to make it to the top.  And the camp that couldn’t care less about making it to the top.  Most of the boys were in the former group, with the exception of Nadine and her friend, and most of the girls were in the latter group, with the exception of Miles, who loves to look at everything and play silly games.

I went to the top with the girls, and then we sung songs the whole way down, and when we got to the bottom all of the kids played in the creek – probably the most interesting part of the hike to them.  But I’m proud of how far everyone went, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.