Until now, I never...
Hung Out at the Lifeguard Beach at Greenlake


Greenlake is our summer haven.  We go there as often as possible these days, and stay a late as possible.  Sometimes I even order a pizza and have it delivered there so we can stay past dinner.  We are so lucky to have this gorgeous lake in the middle of our city, where you can go any time to swim, dive, boat, or float and it doesn’t cost us a cent.  Up until today, we’ve always headed over to the Bathhouse side of the lake, just to the left of the lifeguard station, and swam at the little beach there.  We love this little beach because we can float on our floaties, but the kids love it because they don’t have to pass the swim test to swim there.  But that all ended today.

Today both Nadine and Miles decided, without hesitation or suggestions from mom, that they would take the swim test.  And they passed it, no problem.  And so did their friends.  So now we are hanging out at the lifeguard beach, the kids can go off the high and low diving boards over and over again, and mom can relax a bit knowing the lifeguards are doing their job.