Until now, I never...
Jumped at the Indoor Trampoline Park


I had taken the kids to the Jump Park when we visited my sister in Tennessee, and today the kids were begging me to take them to one here in Seattle.  So we looked on line and found two options – both a half hour away – and decided to go to Elevated Sportz in Lynnwood.  I thought it would be super expensive, but it turned out that it was only $11 per hour and that they have all kinds of deals to make it even cheaper.

The kids kept saying, “You’re gong to jump too, right Mom?” I was a little worried that I might pee my pants if I did, because I’d made the mistake of going on a trampoline shortly after giving birth to Miles, and, well, you can guess how that went.  But I’ve been doing keegles for eight years now (kidding – do people really do keegles?) so I told them I would jump.  And I’m so glad I did!

I jumped for an hour and I had the best time.  I jumped from trampoline to trampoline, did some fancy old-lady moves, played dodge ball (terribly), did some slam-dunking at the basketball hoop, and even jumped into the foam pit, which i was sure I was going to have to get rescued out of.  Thankfully I was able to trudge my way out of it.

Anyone who thinks trampolining is for the under-40 set is wrong!  I think trampolining is the perfect mind/body/spirit workout.  I got totally sweaty, laughed my head off, and overcame my fears of the foam pit and wetting my pants.  I highly recommend you give it a try.  I’m thinking I should open one in Seattle!  Anyone want to invest?