Until now, I never...
Launched a Website for my Freelance Web Business


Recently got an email from a guy a worked with about ten years ago, asking me if I was available to do any freelance programming work for him.  I said I was intrigued but that I was specializing in WordPress web development and not doing heavy programming anymore.  He said that if he knew of any WordPress jobs came his way, he would pass along my name.  Lo and behold, within a couple of days, he had referred someone to me.  So nice!

I had a lovely chat on the phone with this potential new client and after he gave me the low-down on what his requirements were, I said I would send him more information on my credentials and samples of my work.  As soon as we hung up I started to brainstorm on the best way to send him this information.  Sending him my resume seemed so old fashioned.  So instead I decided to create a free Weebly site and post my information there.  That way I could also provide a link to LinkedIn which shows my complete work history, screenshots and links for my portfolio, and other information.  Plus I would have it for any other potential clients.

Weebly is web-hosting service that has a super easy-to-use WYSIWYG drag-and drop interface.  It offers different levels of web-hosting and each level has a monthly price plan.  I chose the free level, as I needed only the most basic of sites.  And I chose a very basic and theme to work with.

It still needs a little work and I may spruce it up a bit more.  Nadine says it needs color.  But I wanted the color and design to come from my portfolio and not have my site clash with that.  So it’s pretty much black and white and shades of grey.  But I like it, and it was super quick and easy to put together.  Click here to check it out.