Until now, I never...
Launched the ‘I Never Log’

I Never

I’d been working on this ‘I Never Log’ project for a week and had gotten it mostly how I wanted, but still needed to add content.  So I started cranking out the ‘I nevers’ I had written down in my journal, typing them into the ‘I Never Log’ and finding images to go with them.  Totally fun.  I had 40 ‘I nevers’ written down, but decided to launch after having added only 19 of them.  Good enough.  It’s not like I was launching the new iPhone.  But still it was exciting for me.  Then I wrote the ‘I Never’ blog post, and magically made the whole thing visible. Hooray!  Now I am trying to catch up with posting my ‘I Nevers’.  I’m only a couple of weeks behind.