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Learned How to Play ‘Slam Solitaire’

king of clubs

We spent New Year’s day at a friend’s house where the guys watched the football game while the gals played Slam Solitaire, our new favorite card game.  There were five of us playing and we each had our own deck of cards, and a stack of quarters to make it a little bit more interesting.  The game is played just like regular solitaire, except that you play against each-others aces.  The object is to get rid of all your cards, or if everyone gets stuck, you count your cards and the one with the least wins the pot of quarters.

We played for hours on New Year’s, and have played a bit since, although it’s not a good game for two people.  Five was really fun and fast paced.  I can’t wait to play it at the beach with everyone this year!

Click here for more detailed rules on the game.  (Scroll down to where it says ‘Simultaneous Solitaire’.)