Until now, I never...
Learned to Count to Ten in Japanese

japanese count to ten

Whenever I say out-loud, “Oh crap, I don’t have an ‘I Never’ for today!”, Miles always says, “I can teach you how to count to ten in Japanese, mom.”  He learned it in karate.  So today I ended up taking him up on it.  Here’s the back-story…

There was no school today, Nadine left bright and early to spend the weekend with a friend in Suncadia, and Miles and I were having trouble getting ourselves out of the house.  I was paying bills and organizing my life, and he was feeling nostalgic, going through his box of artwork that I’ve saved over the years.  (I ended up scanning a bunch of it in because it is so super-cute that I think I should silk-screen some of it onto fabric.  We’ll see.)

Anyway, to make a long story boring (as Todd would say) Miles finally said, “I know what your ‘I Never’ for today can be mom.  We can take my Lego Ewok set to Carkeek park and take pictures of it in the woods.”  Briliiant!  I loved the idea.  So finally at 2:30 pm we left on our mission.

We decided we’d swing by his friend’s house to see if he wanted to join us, and that is where our plan died.  His friend had just gotten home, but needed to be at a piano lesson at 4pm, so Miles decided he’s just stay and play Legos at his friends house instead.  Oh well.  I had fun chatting with his friend’s mom for a while, and now I have an ‘I Never’ to save for another day.  Plus, now I know how to count to ten in Japanese.  Here’s how it goes:

  1. ichi
  2. ni
  3. san
  4. yon
  5. go
  6. roku
  7. shichi
  8. hachi
  9. kyu
  10. ju