Until now, I never...
Facilitated a Krypton Class

Krypton Narwhal

So here it was, ‘Krypton Thursday‘, and eleven friends were attending the first class entitled Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters.  I had sent the email invitation out expecting a few participants (the suggested size was 8-11) but didn’t expect such a great response.  Fortunately I was able to reserve a free conference room at the Ballard Neighborhood Center that would accommodate everyone.  Now I just had to show up and get everyone to talk about fear.  Yipes.

Part of the homework was to interview someone (neighbor, colleague, friend) who has brought something new into the world, like a speech, new product idea, performance or organization.  I interviewed Laura of Laura Bee Designs, who makes gorgeous custom purses out of her beautiful retail store and studio in Seattle.  I was a little nervous to impose, but she was so gracious with her time and candid story about dealing with her fears, and creating something so unique.

So in class we just went around the table and talked about the fears of the people we interviewed as well as our own fears.  And before I knew it, our time was over.  We talked about some pretty cool stuff, but to me, the conversation didn’t flow freely enough, and my first reaction when it was done was, Darn it, I didn’t cover all of the material or follow Seth’s outline completely.

But after reflecting on it more, I realized that we had covered most of the material, but in our own way.  People gave me favorable feedback, and I was able to put together this list of tactics for dancing with fear.

Tactics for Dancing with Fear

Now I’m really excited and not so nervous for our next class!