Until now, I never...
Left Miles Alone on the Playground


Sometimes I am really a terrible mom.  And I hate those moments.  But sometimes I just don’t know what to do.  Like today after school.  Today I had to get Nadine home, fed, changed and to gymnastics by 4:45, but Miles would not leave the playground.  And I’m sick of giving him threats, I mean consequences, so today I said “Fine, we’re leaving without you!”  And Nadine and I left.

I expected he would freak and come running eventually, but he didn’t.  So just before we were about to cross the busy street close to home I told Nadine I wanted to go back and get him.  So we went back to the playground, but he was nowhere to be found.  Yikes!  So we looked inside the school, and all around the school.  Still no sign of him.  If he had started to walk home I would have expected to run into him.  Oh shit.

So Nadine and I headed back home and I told her we’d get ready for gymnastics and then find him in the car.  We raced home and just before we got to our street, we saw him.  He was on his skateboard, happy as a clam, and when he saw us he just said, “Hi!”

What is my problem?  I was so worried, but he is totally self-sufficient.  He has no problem getting himself home without getting lost, or hit by a car, or kidnapped.  But it better not happen again…