Until now, I never...
Let Everyone Make Their Own Dinner


I quit making dinners last week and Todd has taken over the cooking.  It has been very good for me, and I’ve been cranking out my pillows.  But he left this afternoon for a ski trip, so I’m back on kitchen duty for the next few days.

Tonight, after play-dates and shuttling boys to karate, I decided to make some delicious salmon for dinner.  “Ugh, no, we don’t want salmon!” my poor children cried, “Can’t we have something else, pleeeeeeeease????”  I was not in the mood for this resistance and told them so, but then Nadine said, “Can’t we make our own dinners tonight, and that can be your ‘I Never’?”  It didn’t take me long to say yes to that smart and tactful child, but I let it be clear that we would be having salmon tomorrow.  I also made it clear that we all needed to make dinner now and then sit down together to eat.  Fortunately that was agreeable to all.

So Nadine got busy making a spinach salad, cutting up an apple,  microwaving some leftover noodles that she sprinkled cheese on, and rolling some ham up in a tortilla.  Then Miles, the omelet chef, scrambled up some eggs, microwaved some noodle and cheese, then mixed his eggs into the noodles.  Next he took a roll which I sliced for him, put mustard, pastrami, and cheese on it, and we broiled it.  I made myself a delicious grilled pastrami, cheese, onion, and spinach sandwich.

Everyone loved their dinners, everyone loved making them, and everyone was happy.  Score!  Miles suggested we have ‘Make your own meal Mondays’.  I think he has something there…