Until now, I never...
Made a Bag to Store Rummikubs


We’re heading off to visit my family tomorrow for spring break, and I need to bring my mom a birthday present. Contemplating what to get her, I remembered that when she was out here visiting and we were playing Rummikubs, one of our favorite games, she said she liked that we had ours stored in a little bag instead of a box (our box had busted) and that she thought maybe she’d do the same thing.  So I decided I’d make her one for her birthday.  In fact I decided to make two bags – one for her and one for us, since ours was really a crappy store-bought one that was a bit too small.  And I’m really pleased with the way they came out.  First I cut the fabric to a good size, then I ironed on an image I’d found on the internet, sewed it up and put in a draw string.  Perfect!  I hope she likes it!  Check it out:

rummikubs bag