Until now, I never...
Made a Day of the Dead Altar


After driving Nadine home from gymnastics I was cranky and the weather was bad, and I wanted to think of an ‘I Never’ that would turn my mood around.  But I was stuck.  Fortunately I had the radio on and they were talking about it being the Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos as they call it in Mexico.  Okay then, I decided my ‘I Never’ would be to celebrate this holiday.  So I went home and started looking for photos of people we knew who had passed away.  And there were many.

I gathered the pictures and stuck them inside the frame of the mirror above our fireplace.  Then I cut some flowers out of the garden (lavender and an orange colored Mexican sunflower) and put them on the mantle.  I got Todd’s grandpa’s cowboy boots that Miles loves to wear and put them up there as well.  I found a bendy skeleton in the kids’ toy stash to include, and added a bunch of candles.  Then I lit the candles and built a fire.  Beautiful.

Then Miles brought some Legos into the living room to play with, and Nadine and I played Rumi Cubes in front of the fire.  I was in a much better mood now, and we were having such a cozy fun Friday night in front of the fire, joined by all of those lovely people who had passed through our lives.

I thought that building the altar might make me sad.  But it didn’t.  It made me happy, and thankful for having known each person, and our dog Sadie and cat Buster too.  And when Todd got home and came into the living room he looked at the altar and said, “Wow.  That is so cool.”  And we reminisced about our friends and family.

Here’s a blurry picture of my altar.  Isn’t it cool how I’m in the middle of it?

Day of the Dead Altar

And I thought I’d also share these two really cool pictures Miles did at school last year when they were learning about the Day of the Dead.  I love them.

Miles's skeleton water color

Miles's skeleton print

This is a GREAT holiday.