Until now, I never...
Made a List of 50+ Possible ‘I Nevers’


My ‘I Never’ project has become commonplace amongst my friends and family, and we talk a lot about possible ‘I Nevers’.  I’ve written some down here and there, and I’ve stored some in memory, but I thought it would be a good idea to start making a list.  So here it is.  If you have any good ideas, please let me know.  Thanks!

Possible daily ‘I Nevers’:

  1. Get a colored hair extension
  2. Go barefoot all day
  3. Fast for a day
  4. Silk-screen on fabric
  5. Make an inspiration board
  6. Write haikus with the kids
  7. Take the train from Seattle to somewhere cool
  8. Spend the day taking pictures of cool graffiti
  9. Go to the movies while the kids are at school
  10. Go to church in Seattle
  11. Go crabbing for Dungeness crabs
  12. Go to sip and sketch at Makerhaus
  13. Go to Mexico
  14. Get a tattoo
  15. Run around Greenlake twice
  16. Swim across Greenlake
  17. Run in a 10k race
  18. Bring my kids to boot camp
  19. Don’t look at a clock all day
  20. Take the kids camping by myself
  21. Get rid of all but 20 CDs
  22. Back up my computer
  23. Volunteer in a soup kitchen
  24. Sell something I’ve made by hand
  25. Learn to weld
  26. Go to a Zumba class
  27. Sit for an artist
  28. Make a piece of furniture from scratch
  29. Host a ‘Project Runway’ party
  30. Go to the top of the space needle
  31. Ride a segue
  32. Learn to juggle
  33. Learn to ride a unicycle
  34. Go to Burning Man or festival like it
  35. Make my own raised beds
  36. Install rain barrels
  37. Make a compost bin
  38. Read a book I’ve read before
  39. Open an etsy site
  40. Observe the Sabbath
  41. Lose 10 pounds
  42. Talk to my kids about sex
  43. Send a fabric design to Spoonflower
  44. Have my palm read
  45. Cut my hair and donate it
  46. Let my hair go grey
  47. Go to a heavy metal show
  48. Do yoga in my living room
  49. Knit something other than a hat or scarf
  50. Start my own business
  51. Have a family meeting
  52. Assign chores to all family members
  53. Print the calendar for the week and post on the fridge,/span>
  54. Watch a French movie without sub-titles</li>
  55. Put a message in a bottle and drop into the sea
  56. Make and hide a geocache
  57. Get hypnotized
  58. Go go-cart racing
  59. Eat an animal (chicken? turkey?) that I’ve seen alive
  60. Camp in the back yard
  61. Use my left hand all day instead of my right
  62. Make a me then/me now picture
  63. Have a ten for ten photo day
  64. Write a manifesto
  65. Create a vision board

Possible ‘I Nevers’ that take more than one day:

  1. No car for a week
  2. No alcohol for a week
  3. No coffee for a week
  4. Eat vegan for a week
  5. Don’t go to the grocery store for a week
  6. No sugar for a week
  7. Eat only whole foods for a week
  8. Wear the same outfit for a week
  9. Exercise for 7 days straight
  10. Do yoga for 7 days straight
  11. Get up at 5:30 a.m. for 7 days straight
  12. Have an unplugged weekend
  13. Track the number of hours spent outside for a week
  14. Have the whole family wear pedometers for a week