Until now, I never...
Made a Silk-Screen Table


I finally did it!  I made the silk screen table from the book “A Field Guide to Fabric Design“.  I’ve had the ply-wood, and the felt, and the fabric sitting around forever, and today I got it all set up and ready to use.  Woo hoo!

What took me so long?  Space.  Our house is small and we haven’t had room for a table like this.  But when Nadine made the TV room her bedroom, everything shifted.  Miles’s toys went into his own room and out of the orange room, and I just put the couch from the TV room in that space.  But except for the cat, nobody ever sat there.  Then when we had to move everything out of the orange room to refinish the floors, we moved the couch into the middle of the basement.  Are you picturing all of this?  Probably not, huh?

Anyhoo…  I decided that that space would be perfect for me to set up my ‘mini studio’.  And so today I put a table from the basement up there, then upholstered my silkscreening table with felt and then linen, and plopped it on top of the smaller table.  Then I set up a light I bought in Palm Springs at a garage sale, and voilà! my new space is ready for me.  I can’t wait to get busy!

Here are some photos:

silk-screen table - gluing on the felt

Step 1: Gluing down two layers of felt.

upholstering the tale top

Step 2: Upholstering the table top.

the final product