Until now, I never...
Made a Smilebox with Nadine

Be Hopeful Be Happy

Nadine, who seems to be innately computer savvy, wanted me to show her the Garage Band app, which was going to be my ‘I Never’ for today, because I’ve never learned how to use it.  But it didn’t hold her interest, and she asked me, “Can we make a Smilebox instead?”  A friend of hers sends her Smileboxes all of the time and she wanted to try it out.

Smilebox is a kind of a mostly free slide-show/greeting card app where you can put photos, videos, music and words together, and then send and share your creation.  It is right up her alley, and after we downloaded the app, she got busy and made several Smileboxes, that she sent to friends and family.  So cute, and I love what she put together.  Click here to see one of her creations.