Until now, I never...
Made an Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf

It’s the second week of winter break, we’ve had no snow in the mountains so no skiing yet, and no friends are free to hang out today.  Time to get crafty!  I always love perusing the fabric section at Goodwill, and lately I found some gems, including a pretty geometric knit fabric, perfect for a cozy scarf.  So today Nadine and I decided we’d make mother-daughter infinity scarves.

I thought I could figure out how to do this, but my mind couldn’t get around how I would attach the ends, so we turned toYouTube.  We found this tutorial, which is very long, but finally at the end they show you how to the magic to make the scarf connect up just right.

Making an infinity scarf is really quick and easy.  We made two in no time.  And Nadine is already asking if we can make another one.  (And I really need to get a better picture of this one, because it is way cuter than it looks in that picture.)