Until now, I never...
Made Fingerprint Pictures in My Sketchbook


My intended I Never for today was to open up an Etsy shop, but the day got away from me and it didn’t happen.  Instead I took Nadine back-to-school shopping and then took the kids back to the indoor trampoline place.  After shopping and jumping around like crazy (I landed my front flip today!), then going to the store and making dinner, I felt like relaxing and not getting on the computer.  Fortunately I can always count on Miles, my enthusiastic I Never supporter, who said, “Mom, just use my stamp pads and make fingerprint characters in your sketchbook.”  How could I say no to that?  I love that he is so into this project.  So I said, “Great idea!  I’ll do it, thanks!”  and I had a lot of fun stamping and drawing while watching Malcolm in the Middle, the best show on earth, with my family.

Thumprints in my Sketchbook