Until now, I never...
Made Paint Chip Orbs


ReadyMade magazine stopped publishing in 2011, but I have kept all of my old magazines which I look at regularly, because something new invariably pops out.  Recently I noticed an article on how to make paint chip orbs, and so when Nadine and I went geocaching near a hardware store, I said to her, “Let’s go in and get some of those paint samples thingies.”  We got a little greedy, and grabbed about 20 really colorful ones.

I didn’t have all of the tools required, like a large circular paper punch or cutting mat, but we made due with scissors and no cutting mat.  Our circles weren’t perfect, neither were our triangles, and assembly was challenging, but the end product was super cool.  Nadine really got into it, and now she has two colorful orbs on her bedside table.