Until now, I never...
Made Rice Krispy Treat Sushi


Miles and I have been brainstorming about this one for a while.  We thought we could use swedish fish or gummy worms for the inside fish part of the sushi, but what would we use for the seaweed?  Finally someone suggested we use fruit leather.  Brilliant!  And so today when Nadine said she and Katelyn wanted to make rice krispy treats for desert tonight, I asked her if she would put a little aside for me so I could make sushi.  Sure, she said.

So I took my little hunk of soft rice-krispy treat mixture, flattened it out, lined it with fruit leather, placed some gummy worms and swedish fish down the middle, rolled it up, decided to add some chocolate sprinkles, then sliced it up.  It wasn’t nearly as beautiful as some of the rice krispy treat sushi I’d seen on Pinterest, but it did look like sushi, and it was a big hit with the sugar monster children.