Until now, I never...
Made Spoonbread


I absolutely did not want to go to the grocery store tonight and the cupboards were practically bare, so what to make for dinner?  When this type of thing happens I usually turns to the the eggs.  What could I make with the eggs?  A quiche or frittata perhaps?  Or Nadine’s favorite, a soufflé?  I started looking through my Omelets, Souffles, and Frittatas cookbook and my curiosity was peaked by a recipe for spoonbread.  I’d heard of spoonbread before, and knew it was something they ate in the south, but I really had no idea what it was.  Until today.

Spoonbread is like a soufflé, or a savory pudding, and is made with eggs, milk, and cornmeal.  The recipe in my cookbook wasn’t big enough to feed all of us, so I started to poke around on the internet, and decided I’d make this recipe, but make the changes to the cooking time and amounts as recommended by one reviewer.

Spoonbread was super quick and easy to make, and best of all, it was delicious!!  It was pretty soft, but a really nice consistency with a yummy buttery cornmeal flavor, a bit like polenta.  It was the perfect amount for the four of us.  I made a salad to go with, and everyone loved it, especially Nadine.