Until now, I never...
Made Valentine’s for Women at the Jubilee Women’s Center


A friend of mine who makes really beautiful jewelry recently got herself some studio space in part of a larger shared studio space that she shares with a bunch of other women.  To celebrate she decided she’d have a studio-warming party and invited a bunch of ladies to her new spot to check it out, see her stuff, and make valentines – for our friends and family and/or for the women at the Jubilee Women’s Center.

I had never heard of the Jubilee Women’s Center and learned that it’s a center that helps homeless women get back on their feet and transition back into independent living.  How cool is that?  Plus, besides making valentines for some women at Jubilee, I also made valentines for Todd, Nadine, and Miles, and had a super fun time talking to the other ladies, especially one who is also really into fabric design.

To think I almost didn’t go since I was so tired after spending the day selling Campfire Girl candy with Nadine.  Instead I got a huge boost of energy and inspiration seeing this cool shared studio space, talking with other incredible women, and making valentine’s for Jubilee.  Fun fun!