Until now, I never...
Made Yarn Out of an Old T-Shirt


I hate sponges.  They get so gross and stinky so quickly, and then you just throw them away.  What I’ve been using instead are knitted or crocheted wash cloths that I’ve picked up a various craft fairs or knitting shops, and I love them.  They get dirty like a sponge, but you just throw them in the wash and use them again.

So the other day, when I was adding a bunch of old t-shirts to the rag bag, I got to thinking about making wash cloths out of t-shirts.  So today I got on line, and most of what I saw was information on how to knit with yarn made out of t-shirts.  This isn’t what I’d initially intended to do, but it looked so cool, I decided to give it a try.  So I took one of the kids too small tye-died t-shirts and started cutting away.  I cut and cut and cut, round and round, from bottom to top, and then up around the sleeves.  And then I rolled it all up into a nice ball of yarn, and now I’m ready to knit!