Until now, I never...
Manned the “Sponge Blob” Station for Field Day


Today was Field Day at the kids’ school, their most favorite school-day of the year.  And every year I volunteer to help out, and I just love it so much.  (Usually.)  I always love being around the kids at school, but on Field Day I get to really see the kids really be themselves, having tons of fun, the dynamics of their relationships, the personalities of each classroom, and I get to chat with the teachers.  It’s such an interesting day, but most of all it’s blast interacting with these little cuties.

I like to get there a bit early so I can sign up for an activity I like, and I like the activities with water the best.  These are the kids’ favorites too, which is why I like them.  They go nuts.  And thankfully it was a sunny day, so nobody (especially me) would freeze.  This year I signed up for “Sponge Blob” where the kids form 4-6 teams and each team has to run to the center where there’s a garbage bin filled with water, dunk their sponge in the water, run back to their teammates and squeeze the sponge into an empty tennis ball container.  The first team to fill theirs up wins.

There were two other ladies helping me out, and we had a great little system going.  Until a certain dad showed up and took over.  He implemented his own system which included yelling directions through an orange cone.  And that’s when the fun ended for me.  And for the other ladies.  We all just sort of backed off and let him take over.  He wasn’t even doing a bad job, just a different one.  The kids didn’t care, they still had a blast.  But it really bothered me that I couldn’t get past it – that I resented it so much.  I struggled with what I could have done to change the situation.  Maybe nothing.  So I went over to the popsicle station and drowned my sorrows in a cherry posicle.