Until now, I never...
Oragnized All Of Our Writing Utensils


First off I wanted to say that now that I am 163 ‘I Nevers’ into my ‘I Never’ project, it’s getting a little more challenging.  Lately I haven’t been very good about planning an ‘I Never’ and so usually around 5pm I say, “Shoot, I don’t have an ‘I Never’ for today!”  And that’s exactly what I said at 5pm today as Nadine, Miles, and I were walking back from the park after having played Frisbee and skateboarded for a couple of hours on yet another gorgeous winter day.

I said, “Well I guess my ‘I Never’ can be that I organized all of our pens, pencils, and markers,”  and Nadine said, “No offense mom, but that is the stupidest ‘I Never’ ever.  Miles said, “Mom, I’ve told you a million times, I’ll teach you how to count to 10 in Japanese for your ‘I Never’. And then Nadine suggested, “I’ll time you doing a hand-stand for your ‘I Never’.”

I decided to take Nadine up on her offer and told her I’d try to do a hand-stand for a full minute.  But when we got home and I tried, I realized it was futile.  I can’t do a hand-stand for very long at all – 20 seconds max.  And when I say ‘hand-stand’, I mean up against the wall hand-stand.  Now what?

So here I am typing up this ‘I Never’, looking at my jars of organized pens and pencils, thinking it may be a stupid ‘I Never’ but damn, I love that our pens and pencils and markers are all neatly sorted into clear peanut-butter jars so you can see what you’re looking for, and all those that didn’t work are in the garbage.  Woo hoo!  It feels great…