Until now, I never...
Paid Miles to Get His Homework Done


Typically Miles won’t do his homework unless you sit down next to him and painstakingly walk him through it saying, “Okay now let’s do the next problem.”  It’s miracle that we get it done and get dinner on the table.

Miles is in only in second grade and gets a ton of homework – typically a math worksheet, plus 20 minutes of reading with a daily reading log to fill out, then a weekly word sort and worksheet with something like 50 words he needs to categorize into sound families and put into sample sentences, a book that gets sent home that is is supposed to read for repetition, and flash cards.  It’s brutal and I personally think he shouldn’t have any homework at all.  I toy with the idea of just letting him not do homework at all.  But then I worry that he won’t develop good study habits. I keep remembering a conversation I had with a guy I worked with back when Miles was a baby, and he said that the one thing he wished he done differently with his son is helped him develop better study habits.  But if I have to force Miles to do homework that he hates every night, how is that going to ever transition into good study habits?  I’m so confused!

So I’ve been trying all kinds of tactics.  And tonight I tried paying him.  I told him that for ever problem he got done in under a minute, I would pay him a quarter.  This actually worked better than I thought, and the good part was that he finished his homework in just half an hour.  The bad part was that i had to sit there and time him for every problem, and I ended up having to pay him $4.25.  And his his sister, who does her homework the minute she can said, “No fair!  You never pay me to get my homework done!”

Good grief, now what?