Until now, I never...
Painted a Room With Two Nine-Year-Old Girls

Nadines White Hand

Nadine is finally getting her own room.  We’ve given up the TV room to make it hers, and she is beyond thrilled.  But the TV room had brown walls.  Very nice, but not right for Nadine.  Nadine is going with a grey and turquoise pallet, so that means painting.  More than painting, that means patching, priming, and two coats of paint.

So, how are going to get this done during the last week of summer vacation?  By letting Nadine help.  Fortunately Miles was at camp this week.  But on this fateful Tuesday afternoon, Nadine invited her BFF over to help.  Oh dear.  Fortunately, their stamina wasn’t quite as strong as their enthusiasm, so it turned out that they only painted for about 45 minutes, then changed out of their painting clothes, and played outside for the rest of the afternoon.  Phew!  But still, this was an exercise in patience, in letting go of perfections, and in demonstrating how to clean paint off of hard word floors.

I am so happy that Nadine helped paint.  She’s actually really good at it.  And having her friend help her will only add to the memory of her getting her own room.  It’s not a perfect paint job, but it is a beautiful room.