Until now, I never...
Partied in the Presidential Suite


This is the only ‘I Never’ that actually began at midnight.  Like always, we were the last to leave the party.  My feet were killing me, and I was longing for me bed.  And I cannot drink like I used to!  I was totally excited to hop in a cab and head home, but Todd was even more excited to hop in the elevator with some other friends and head to the Presidential Suite in the hotel where the auction was being held, smoke a cigar (gross) and keep the party going.  So I acquiesced, and headed on up with him.  He went out on the deck and smoked that disgusting cigar with a couple other dads, and I sat at the dining room table and chit chatted with the moms and ate junk food.  Then I went out on the deck and told Todd I was ready to go, to which he replied, “Okay just a minute, we’re just going to finish smoking this cigar.”  Well, that was some slow-burning cigar, so I found a comfortable chair and fell asleep.  What a party animal I am!!!