Until now, I never...
Played Baseball with Driftwood


I do not recommend doing this!  We were at the beach on Whidbey Island which had tons of really cool driftwood everywhere.  So when Miles picked up a big stick of it and started swinging it around, I started throwing shells and other debris for him to swing at.  Then I pick up a small piece of wood, pitched it to him, and WHACK he hit it dead on as hard as he could and it got me right in the nose.  Man that hurt!  And then blood started gushing out and I had no tissues.  Fortunately my dad was with me and he is always dependable with a hanky, so he gave me his and I was able to stop the bleeding.  Phew, it wasn’t broken.  And my dad said, “You can keep the handkerchief”  Thanks Dad.  :)