Until now, I never...
Played Croquet on a Professional Course


Today in South Carolina we had a full day of dog chasing, golf cart driving, alligator spotting, crabbing, swimming, and playing croquet.  Of all the things we did today, the one thing I think I’ve never done before is play croquet on a professional croquet course.

I’ve played a lot of croquet in my life, but it’s always been with that wooden croquet set that everyone seems to have, and in Seattle we often play something we like to call ‘extreme croquet’.  Extreme croquet was invented as a means to get around hilly terrain and/or unusually shaped back yards, and involves placing the wickets in our own creative way.  Nadine especially loves it and goes crazy coming up with super challenging wicket configurations.

But today there was no need for that.  Today we played on a course near my parents’ house, with professional-grade mallets, balls, and wickets, on a perfectly flat, perfectly mowed lawn.  In fact the wickets were made by my husband, the metal worker, and they are made of incredibly durable stainless steel.  They are awesome!  Anyhoo…  My parents, the kids and I all payed a competitive game of professional croquet, and i kicked butt!  I creamed them!  Which did not make Nadine happy at all, and a rematch in on the agenda for later in the week.

Finally, I just wanted to show a bigger image of the picture I chose to use for today’s I Never.  I found at at the NYPL Digital Gallery site, and I think it is so adorable:

Girl playing croquet