Until now, I never...
Played Hooky and Went to the Seahawks Superbowl Victory Parade!


On Monday after school Nadine ran up to me on the playground and asked, “Can we skip school on Wednesday and go to the Seahawks parade?  I replied vehemently, “No we cannot!”  We’re not huge football fans to begin with, and only watched two Seahawks game all year, including the Super Bowl.  But then the buzz around the playground was that everyone was going, and it didn’t take me long to change my mind.  The Seahawks 12th Man spirit had taken over not just the school, but all of Seattle, and beyond.  It’s been incredible.  One mom said to me, “They will remember the day either as the day they got to skip school and see the Seahawks parade, or as they day they didn’t get to.”  That’s what really made me think  Why not?

The next day an email came out from the Seattle Public Schools saying that Wednesday was not a holiday – schools would be open – anybody not attending school would receive an unexcused absence.  Oh well.  It wouldn’t be our first.

So early Wednesday morning a bunch of friends met at our house and we walked over to the bus stop to join the other 500,000+ spectators heading down town to watch the parade.  It was freezing out, but sunny and clear, and the mood on the bus was pure excitement.  We hopped off the bus on 3rd and Bell and made our way to the parade route on 4th.  There seemed to be plenty of room for us all along the parade route, so a few of us staked our claim while the rest of us got treats, coffee, and hot cocoa.  Then it was back to the spot to wait…  and wait… freezing, and getting into a few scuffles – one with a guy who thought he owned the sidewalk just because he put up some duct tape and had been there since 6am, and another guy who thought he was the boss of the sidewalk, telling people where they were allowed to stand.  But there was also plenty of fun and entertainment – batman on roller skates and face-painted people getting the crowd to chant “Sea Hawks Sea Hawks!”

Finally, an hour and a half later than the planned start time, came the parade, and the crowd went nuts.  First the owners, then the coaches, then the players, and finally the quarterbacks.  Paul Allen was in a heavily guarded hummer, the Seagals rode in a duck, and the rest of them were in open military vehicles which I don’t have a name for.  Everyone was screaming and waving and snapping pictures, and the football players look so happy and adorable.  It was super exciting and fun.

It was over quickly.  We had a great time, but were pretty happy to hop onto a warm bus and head home.  Everything went really well, and the city of Seattle did a great job making the parade great, and manageable.  Pretty impressive, especially since there were tons of kids there.  Apparently about 2/3 of the students skipped school.  My guess is that the 1/3 that went to school that day were probably Broncos fans.  Or rule followers.  Funny thing is that the next day our principal declared that they would not in fact count the day as an absence.  Hurray!  I’m so glad we went.  Here are some pics from our day.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any good ones of the players…

Seahawks Super Bowl Cupcakes

The girls watching the Seahawks parade

Miles watching the Seahawks parade

Seagals ride the ducks

Blitz the Seahawks Mascot

12th Man Flag

Legion of Boom