Until now, I never...
Played ‘Mouse on the Ground’ at Night


Nadine was having a friend sleep over, we all were at a party in the neighborhood, and the kids and I decided we’d walk home, which meant, of course, we’d end up at the playground.  It was around 9:30pm and the kids thought it was so exciting to be at the playground at night.  We played a lot of tag, which is quite a workout I’ll have you know, especially since I seemed to be ‘it’ most of the time.  And then we played a very dangerous game called ‘Mouse on the Ground’.  It’s a lot like tag, except it’s done on the ‘play structure’ (as they call it) at the playground.  The person who is ‘it’ tries to tag the others, but must keep her eyes shut while on the play structure (that’s the dangerous part), or yells, “Mouse on the ground!” if she thinks one of the others is off the plays structure, and if she is right, that person becomes ‘it’.  And of course, once again, I spent most of the time being ‘it’.  I also got a huge bruise on my but for falling on the slide in a bad way.  Ouch.  Do not play this game.