Until now, I never...
Played the Quarter Game/Trick with Nadine


Today I went with Miles to karate, so we could find out the results of his belt test.  (He passed, and is now has an orange belt with a stripe in it.)  And somehow we got on the topic of “The Quarter” game.  Both the sensei and another mom were very familiar with this game.  Apparently they both had siblings that did this to them.

This is how it works:  You take a quarter and a piece of paper and tell the other person to trace around the quarter with a pencil.  This is the target.  Then you tell him to take the quarter, roll it off his nose, and if he hits the target, he gets to keep the quarter.  He can try as many times as he likes.  But here’s the trick:  Since you’ve traced the quarter with the pencil, when you roll it off your nose, it leaves a line.  Ha ha ha!

So after dinner Miles and I decided we’d try it on Nadine and dad.  Nadine, or course was game, because she loves games.  She did everything perfectly, and got several lines on her nose.  Todd tried it and was a little confused about what was so funny, and was totally annoyed by how loud it was – the quarter dropping on the table.  Finally Miles and I gave in on the secret and Nadine didn’t care.  She wanted to keep trying to make the quarter hit the target.  She never did.