Until now, I never...
Presented my Ship-It Journal to the Krypton Group


After completing Seth Godin’s Krypton class on overcoming fear, all of the participants of our Krypton group decided we’d continue to meet regularly and work on our Ship-It Journals.  A Ship-It Journal is a pamphlet provided by Seth that facilitates getting your project done, your product shipped.  We’ve been taking turns, one at a time, presenting and working on our Ship-It Journals in the group, and this Thursday it was my turn.  And it was so great.  Here’s why:

  • Putting something down on paper makes it real.  Sharing what’s on that paper makes it even more real.
  • Giving yourself a deadline and sharing that deadline means you’ll probably stick to that deadline.
  • Presenting your idea to people you trust and who care about your success is invaluable.  They see you and your project differently than you do, so when they ask questions and give feedback, you start thinking of your project differently too.

My project is on designing and creating hand-printed textiles, and here is my Ship-It Journal.  We joked that we all have the same fears and everyone could probably just copy and paste my list of fears onto their own Ship-It Journals.  Here is some of my favorite feedback from the day:

  • About my fear on spending my time on something that may not make money, one person said “You will learn so much, and it’ll be a lot cheaper than a Harvard education.”
  • Someone asked me what my edge was in terms of design, which made me realize how different the designs I’ve been working on are.  When I think of Jonathon Adler, Amy Butler, or anyone with a booth at the Urban Craft Uprising, they all have a very well defined, cohesive, and unique aesthetic.  I don’t have that.  Yet.
  • Another participant said he thought I sounded like an artist when I talked about my project because I talked enthusiastically about the creative process and the feeling of my studio, and not as much about the details of running the business, like shipping out orders and making money.  Although I don’t really see myself as an artist, this really resonated with me because I love Seth’s take on art and his premise (as presented in his book The Icarus Deception and elsewhere) that everyone is, or can be, an artist.

So now what?  We are going to continue to meet in the new year – each of us presenting our Ship-It Journals, and always checking in with our progress.  I have loved hearing what other people are up to, but now that I’ve started on mine, I’m so excited to move forward with it and to keep everyone in the loop and to keep getting their feedback.  I love our Krypton meetings!