Until now, I never...
Purchased Lottery Tickets

Lottery Scratch Cards With the Kids

We won $40.  We spent $20.  Not too bad!

It might be hard to believe that I’ve never bought lottery tickets, but it’s the truth.  I got the idea after writing this post.  So when Nadine and I were at the store I said, Oh, I wonder where we can buy lottery tickets!  Then I remembered having seen them sold from a big machine, so we set out to find that machine.  Then we stood in front of it and stared at it for a while, wondering what we should do.  Then I heard a voice behind me say, “Suzanne?”  I turned around and it was a mom from the kids’ old daycare.  She had a $20 in her hand and said that her husband told her to get the mega millions and the something scratch.  So we watched what she did, then we caught up a bit, and then we went and did pretty much what she did.  We got a mega millions, a lotto, and two scratch-off cards, then we went home, got out some coins, and the kids started scratching.  And we won!  Not the mega millions unfortunately.  Nadine scratched out a cherry on the bingo game that was worth $30, and Miles got enough bingo matches worth $10, so we got our money back and won and extra $20.  Woo hoo!

The best part about this I Never was the fantasy.  If we won big we agreed we’d bring all of our friends to Hawaii.  And that’s where the agreement stopped.  We each had all kinds of crazy ideas with what to do with the rest of the loot.  So funny….

Next I just have to figure out how to cash those puppies in.