Until now, I never...
Put Fabric for Sale on Spoonflower


I think Spoonflower is the coolest, and I have sent several designs to them to have printed on fabric.  It’s expensive, so I’ve only gotten a yard at a time, but I love it.  When you send your fabric to Spoonflower your designs get put into your “Design Library” and you can indicate weather you want them to show up “for sale” or if you prefer to make them “not for sale.”  I currently have six designs in my design library, and until today, all of them were “not for sale.”

For some reason I have been really hesitant to sell my fabric on Spoonflower.  Two of the designs I have sent to them I am using to make pillows, and so I want those designs to be unique to my pillows.   Another two of the designs are from my fabric design class and I think they need some work, but I might also use them for pillows or something.  And the other two fabrics are designs Nadine sent to Spoonflower so she could make a book bag out of them.  Those are the ones I marked “for sale.”

The reason I wanted to mark these “for sale” was just to go through the process and seeing what would happen.  I had to give the fabric a name and add search tags to the fabric, which was really hard to do.  And I put them in a collection called “Nadine.”  (Here are the steps for selling, if you’re interested.)  If anyone buys the fabric, I get a 10% commission.

Having done this though, I’m pretty sure selling fabric on Spoonflower is not something I want to do.  There is SO much fabric for sale on the site, and after making Nadine’s fabric “for sale” I couldn’t figure out a way to search for it that made it show up as a result.  So I’m pretty sure it will remained hidden on the site and never purchased.  But we shall see…