Until now, I never...
Rafted Down the Cle Elum River

Rafting Down the Cle Elum

I’ve been rafting before, a few times actually, but this was the first time I’d been rafting with the kids and Grandma.  We were staying at friends’ cabin and Todd’s friend drove up with his river raft and took us all out and for sure bringing the kids adds a new element to rafting.  I kept imagining what I’d do if one of them fell into the drink and, heaven forbid, got stuck in a log jam.  It definitely was a bit nerve racking at the beginning.  But as we progressed down the river I got more and more relaxed, trusting our friend who was obviously a very experienced rafting guide, and trusting that kids could handle falling in.  It’s Grandma I should have been more worried about.  Just kidding!