Until now, I never...
Rearranged my Friend’s Furniture


Sometimes I think, Why didn’t I become an interior designer?  Because whenever I go to anybody’s house, I can’t help but think to myself, What would I do with this space?  So the other day when I picked up Miles from his play date, his friend’s mom was telling me about how they had just had the walls painted – a deep green on one wall, and an off-white on the other walls.  I said to her, “The look great!  Have you considered putting the piano against the other wall?  Because that wood would look amazing next to the off-while wall, and then your couch would look really nice against the green.”  She said, “Really?  Let’s try it?”  And for the next couple of hours we moved around her furniture, rearranged the art on the walls, and found some new art to display over the couch.  It was totally fun and I think it looks amazing.  And I think the feng shui is way better.