Until now, I never...
Refinished our Hardwood Floors with Hardwax Oil


Last weekend Todd and I sanded and painted our ‘orange room’, and this weekend we put the finish on the floors.  We’d done all of this before, back in 2001, when we took up the carpet in that room, sanded off a whole bunch of linoleum glue, painted the walls orange, and applied the hard wax to the floors.  Miraculously we still had the original can of paint and the original can of OSMO Hardwax Oil, which was actually half full.  Back in 2001 Todd applied the hardwax by himself with a brush.  This year we decided to do with a thick brill-o pad kind of thing after watching this video on YouTube.  We applied the first coat on Sunday, opened some windows to help it dry (not because of the smell – it doesn’t have a bad smell) and then today I applied the second and final coat myself, and it looks B-U-tiful!!!!!  I love that OSMO product.  We still have a quite a bit of it left, so I think I’m going to try it on some chairs I want to refinish.