Until now, I never...
Registered for a Craft Fair to Sell my Pillows


Just the other day my neighbor asked me if I wanted to share at booth with her at the upcoming Art in the Garden fair happening on August 2nd just a little north of where we live, and I immediately said YES!  And today I made it official by submitting my application and photos of my work.

The application asked me to write about who I am as an artist and describe the art I would be selling (hee hee that made me laugh – I hadn’t really considered pillows as art or me as an artist.)  But it was good for me to think and write about this.  It wouldn’t be the last time I’d have to do it.  And since it was “Art in the Garden” I decided to take some pillows outside and take photos in my own garden.  It worked out pretty well, and not that you can see much of my garden, but I think the light was perfect.

So I’m all set!  Now I just have about a million things to do in the next couple of weeks to make this happen.  Yikes!

Manifesto words pillow