Until now, I never...
Resisted Calling Todd When He Was Late Coming Home


My husband is always late.  They say that what drives you the most crazy about someone is the same thing that attracted you to him in the first place, and I believe it.  When I first met Todd I loved the way he lived in a seemingly timeless world.  His time was his own, he did everything spontaneously, and was up for anything.  Fun!  Back then he fixed up wrecked cars, sold them for a bunch of money, then went on adventures with his friends, like driving a VW bus to Mexico to go climbing, or kayaking the inside passage in Alaska.

Fast forward to today and now he has is own metal fabrication business and a family.  Because he works for himself his time is still his own, theoretically, but this is the busy season (thankfully he is busy) but he gets very absorbed in his projects, losing all track of time.  I know he’s working late, but when he tells me he’s going to be home at a certain time and then isn’t, I get both mad and worried.  Usually I call him or text him, and usually he doesn’t respond because he’s got earplugs jammed in.  And I hate when this happens.

So today, I resisted the urge to call and say, “Where are you?”  Today I just thought the heck with it and went on with dinner without him.  So many times I reached for the phone and then put it back down.  Don’t do it! I kept telling myself, If something bad happened I would know.  Finally he showed up at around 9pm, in a really great mood, and by that time I was totally over being annoyed and we all had a very lovely evening.  I sure hope I have the strength do this again.