Until now, I never...
Rode a Segway


This had to be the best ‘I Never’ ever!  It’s one I’d planned to do for a long time, and when I told my friends this, one of them found a deal on Living Social and said, “We have got to sign up for this.”  And we did.  That was in October, and the deal expired at the end of May, so finally we got it on the calendar, and today was the big day!

We headed down to Pioneer Square at 9am and parked right next to the Seattle By Segway place.  For the first 1/2 hour or so we got some instruction, then got on one to learn the basics.  Then we were out the door and on our way!  It was a little daunting at first, and I kept wondering what I’d do if I fell off it, because you are pretty high up and it seemed like falling would really hurt.  But within about 15 minutes that segway felt like an extension of my body, and I was whipping up and down curbs, spinning around in circles, and blasting up hills.  I had a permanent smile on my face.  I thought I’d feel ridiculous on that thing, but it was so much fun I could’ve cared less what anyone thought. It didn’t hurt that it was a spectacular day.  Check us out: