Until now, I never...
Rode My Bike to Work in a Skirt

Lady Bike Rider

Bad idea!  My Dutch style bike, Crystal, is having some trouble with her gears, so I’ve been riding the mountain bike Todd got me back in 1996 when he used to work for R.E.I. and could get a screamin’ deal on one.  Her name is beauty and she still looks and rides beautifully, but she’s a boy-style bike, which makes riding in a skirt incredibly un-lady-like.  But summer is almost here and the weather is warm and I want to wear skirts and not shorts every day, and so I decided to give this a try.  But three bad things kept happening.  1) Hoisting my leg over the seat to mount it provided the potential for some major underwear exposure, 2) The skirt sometimes got wrapped around and stuck on the back of the seat, so when I had to stand up when stopped at light, the whole skirt got lifted up, and 3) Just pedaling the bike made the skirt hike up which made me feel like I was biking in a micro-mini, and let’s just say I don’t have the thighs to be wearing a micro-mini.

The funny thing is, how much do people even pay attention to middle-aged woman biking through quiet neighborhood streets?  And while I was incredibly self-conscious about the issues I was having, I bet I was the only one on the planet that noticed any of it.