Until now, I never...
Said Thank You to a Veteran


When I was really little my Uncle served in Vietnam, and every night when we said our prayers we prayed for his safety.  I had no idea back then where Vietnam was or what he might be doing over there, just that we were worried.  Thankfully our prayers were answered, and he made it back home.  That was over 40 years ago, and never once have I said thank you to him.

I just read the book Unbroken, about a World Word II veteran, and saw Jim McDermott at the TEDx conference speak of his service in the Navy, and I was really moved by both.  They made me feel so grateful for what all soldiers have done, and do, in service to our country.

So on Veteran’s day the kids didn’t have school and it was rainy, so I got out some paper and stuff to draw with and we talked about Veteran’s day.  I asked each of them to make a thank you card for Uncle Jay, which they did, then I scanned them in and emailed them to him.  It felt good to say thanks, and I really want my kids to appreciate a serviceman’s sacrifices, and to start saying thank you.

Here are out pictures:

thank you from Nadine

thank you from Miles

thank you from Mia

thank you from Suzanne