Until now, I never...
Saw the Inside of the House Across the Street


We have lived in our house for 16 years, which seems impossible to me, but it’s true.  And never in the whole time we’ve lived there have I seen the inside of the house directly across the street.  It’s a pretty house that at some point had a second story added on at some point, and I’ve always been curious about what the inside looked like.

Earlier this week a “for sale” sign went up in front of the house, which was very curious and unexpected, but it also meant there would be an open house.  And today was the day!  So after dropping Nadine off at a friend’s house, I popped inside.  And it wasn’t at all what I expected.  The whole second floor was one big bedroom suite, with big windows and tons of space.  And in the basement there is a nice little studio apartment that can be rented out.

So now I know.  Mystery solved.