Until now, I never...
Saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the Big Screen with Smell-a-Vision


I have seen Willy Wonka many many times and even own the movie.  Like everyone, I adore this movie, so when I heard it was playing on the big screen with sing-along subtitles and ‘Smell-a-Vision’, there was no keeping me away.

The whole family went to the matinée showing, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed when they handed me a bag full of candy as we entered the theater.  For some reason I had envisioned them pumping in the various smells.  Instead they had words on the screen to prompt you to take things out of your bag.  LIke “Take out your Hershey’s kiss and eat it” when they first enter the factory and see the chocolate river.  And it was fabulous!  Plus, besides just eating candy, they had bubbles to blow for when Charlie and Granpa drink the fizzy lifting drink, and a party popper to set off at the end, when the elevator bursts through the glass ceiling.  It was such much fun, and the kids loved it too.  We couldn’t get the oompa loompa song out of brains all day.